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Corporate IT Services.

We provide IT solutions for corporate businesses of any size. Leave IT to us, we treat your users and IT issues as if they were our own. From end users to complex ERP applications, trust us to be your comprehensive IT service provider. We will deliver scalable solutions optimized to fit your specific needs so you can focus on what matters most in your business.

ERP Implementations

Roll out a capable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage your business functions within a centralized and integrated system. Obtain visibility and control on all business functions to make proactive decisions.

CRM Solutions

CRM helps your business to build a relationship with customers that, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention. CRM is a management strategy since customer loyalty and revenue are both qualities that affect a company’s revenue.

Web/ Cloud Hosting Solutions

Rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment for your business, you can reduce your costs by using the resources of your cloud computing service provider reducing your operating costs. This enables you to focus on your business.

School ERP
School ERP

Powerful ERP for Academies.

Are you running with full capacity to provide maximum output to your business organization? Have you linked Students, Faculties and Parents to improve collaboration and communication to streamline activities? What about mobility? and reliability and centralized access to business critical data? Let us take you to the next level using a powerful ERP specially developed for academies of any size. So that you can focus on your business goals.

Corporate IT Training

In any organization, most employees have some weaknesses in their workplace skills. Corporate training program allows you to strengthen those skills that employees needs to improve and brings all employees to a higher level.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Maintaining an IT can be burden for any business as it may divert your focus away from your main business goals. Let us worry about this, we treat your users and IT issues as if they were our own and proactively manage and maintain your needs.

Business Productivity Solutions

Productivity refers to how well a business converts input (such as labor, materials, machines and capital) into goods and services or output. We will increase productivity by implementing best tools and practices in the industry for you to work smarter.

Business Consulting & Marketing

We provide IT consulting services to help businesses and organizations improve performance and efficiency. We analyze businesses and create suitable and affordable solutions while also helping companies meet their goals.

Marketing is of vital importance to any business. It is the key process of researching, promoting and selling products or services to your target market. Your audience wants to form a relationship with your brand, and marketing can be used to do just that.

Business Intelligence

Data has to be secure and distributed efficiently for important up-to-date business decisions. Hence data can help maximize revenues and reduce costs. A BI solution helps in producing accurate reports by extracting data directly from your data source.

Online Business Consulting

Modern businesses must ensure that they are not left behind. An online presence is one of the most important investments that a business can make. Let us transform your conventional business to go online. The benefits are endless!

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing is a strategy by which an organization contracts out major functions to specialized and efficient service providers who ultimately become valued business partners. Partner with us we will take care of your business to drive profits.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence.

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help executives, managers and other corporate end users make informed business decisions. Let us guide you to understand the power of your business data.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an inbound marketing strategy; that is, it allows you to market to people when they are looking for the products and services your business provides. You don’t have to interrupt their favorite TV show or take up space on a page in their news article.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is to improve communication with users, increase brand visibility and reach more (potential) customers. Let us help you by creating quality content that the users of social networks share with their friends and family to increase visibility.

Email Marketing Services

A well-constructed digital marketing campaign can offer limitless possibilities for businesses who are open to implementing new, proactive strategies to go along with their most-revered traditional ones. Reach your customers occasionally to build awareness.

Web and Mobile Solutions

We develop start-of-art IT solutions using the latest Web & Mobile technologies in the industry across multiple platforms. Let it be a simple company website or an advanced E-Commerce platform, we can help you architect solutions to your IT challenges of all sizes while delivering the increased agility and expertise needed to ensure that projects come in on time and on budget.

E-Commerce Development

We provide affordable and scalable E-Commerce solutions using multiple platforms like Woo-Commerce, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Open cart and Symphony Commerce.

Mobile Application Development & integration

We will ensure mobility, let’s take your business to the next level. We are specialize in building apps for iOS, Android & Windows platforms.

Web design & Development

Whether it be your corporate profile, community site, online forum, blog, etc, we are here with you to design it for you the way you dream about it.

E-Commerce Business Consulting

Do you sell products or services using conventional brick-and-mortar business? We will guide you to transform your conventional business to an online store. Let us help you to get exposed to millions of clients online, worldwide.
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